AMSCo. ( Alex Maritime Service Company)
Specialist lifeboat, Rescue-boat and davit/winch service and repair company



  • Head office based in Alexandria, Egypt and our new branch in Dammam Saudi Arabia.

  • Covers middle east area by expert team work trained professionally to do all the lifeboat, Rescue-boat and davit/winch service safety and perfectly.
  • Established in 2014 by an experienced personnel who were involved in lifeboat and davit-winch system maintenance/repairs and related engineering services for many years.
  • An integrated services provider established to deliver the best services to the local communities of the Arab Region with international standards utilizing the latest and best solutions with plans to expand horizontally to cover countries across the Middle East and North Africa , and vertically to include new marine markets and specialties.

AMSCo. specializes in the following areas:

  •  Services/maintenance of all brands of marine lifeboats, Rescueboat and Davit/winch including the overhauling of main hook release mechanism, repair to fiberglass boat hull, overhauling winch and gearbox , servicing of sprinkler system, servicing/overhaul of engine and steering gears, etc.
  • Voyage repairs for lifeboats and launching appliances and davit/winch system.
  • Testing and commissioning of lifeboats and rescue boats.
  • Technical sales support and service of lifeboats and rescue boats
  • Sales and service of davit/winch systems for lifeboats and rescue boats.